WheelChair Apparel makes custom apparel on demand for persons in wheelchairs. We have been making this very special clothing for over 20 years. We make jeans, slacks, dress pants, pull-up pants, shorts, sweat pants, camouflage pants, under garments and other related clothing.

Each pair of pants is made by hand by a master tailor for each specific customer based on an
extensive order intake process taken by our Certified Customer Service Representatives. In
addition, we provide 25 options to make your pants even more custom made.

There are 2,200,000 persons in wheelchairs in the US alone. The major cause of death for people in wheelchairs is pressure sores. Christopher Reeve died as a result of pressure sores. Our pants are designed to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, pressure sores. The pants are also
comfortable and stylish as you can see by reading our customer comments and testimonials.

We are honored and proud to provide this apparel.
Made entirely in the USA with American made materials.

    -WCA Team