Q. What is different about your pants?
A. Our pants are scientifically designed to fit you better. They have a higher back and lower front, no pockets to prevent pressure sores, they are prewashed and comfortable as well as many custom options that are available to fit your specific

Q. How are the pants made?
A. The pants are made in the USA, hands on, by professionals who treat their work as a craft and are proud of their products. Our many testimonials, referrals and repeat orders tell the story of our company. Basically, each pair of pants is custom

Q. Do you sell only jeans?
A. No! We make jeans, twill slacks, pinstripe suit pants, pull ups, shorts, sweatpants and special order items. All of which can be ordered from a variety of different materials suchs as Denim, Bull Denim, Twill, Stretch Twill, Pinstripe, Comouflage, and even Sweatpants. 

Q. What is a recommended wardrobe?
A. Some of our customers have over 50 pair of our pants, however depending on your level of activity and type of activity, our customers have informed us that an initial wardrobe of 7 to 10 works well due to:

 Accidents
 Soiled pants
 Washing cycles
 Special occasions
 In-house use
 Casual attire
 Outdoor activities
 Business dress

Q. What do you need to know from me so that I can order my pants?
A. Our process is designed to insure that you get the right fit for comfort and functionality. We highly recommend that you visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives

(505) 588-2701

(800) 935-5170