Olive Twill Pull-Ups


+$11 for first item and +$8 in addition for each thereafter

2 day delivery after date of order (not responsible for carrier error)

If you do not speak to a Certified Customer Service Representative, you will be responsible for any errors in your order. You will pay to return them for us to re sew them, and you will pay for us to ship them back to you. There is an additional cost for us to remake them as well.

There are no refunds, exchanges, or credits on orders containing custom options.

WheelChair Apparel makes custom apparel on demand for persons in wheelchairs. We have been making this very special clothing for over 20 years. We make jeans, slacks, dress pants, pull-up pants, shorts, sweatpants, camouflage pants, under garments and other related clothing.

Each pair of pants is custom made by hand by a master tailor for each specific customer based on an extensive order intake process.